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I had no social life, my previous "girlfriend" didn’t drink (at least not with me), and so there was no social cues to drink. U.K., her dating life ought to have been the least of her problems. I have also included five (5) samples of the vocal (moan and cry) responses to multiple, sexual orgasms and three (3) samples of actual sexual ChiKong intercourse to multiple orgasms in the CD-ROM Version of this book, so that you can verify yourself. She goes to bars, sell her self on the street so she can have sex. Another good lubricant you can use is sex lubes but you have to provide number of applications during the exercise. To the practiced eye, anywhere can be a shag spot - a library, an art gallery, a parking lot. I called her and confronted her and she broke into tears and admitted she cheated a few times (which means it probably was a lot), with different guys. I eventually went to rehab six or seven times over a three year period, and did a lot of self-reflection.  
I broke quite a few hearts; at one time I had six "girlfriends" I juggled. And after about six drinks, I would develop resentment about the first 35 years of my life - where women rejected me. Strangely, the women I were with got to hear my thoughts, but it attracted them more to me; despite me accusing them of being sluts, size queens, and whatever bad insults I could muster up. I’m going to wrap this up; the drinking got bad. I feel bad about this - but the work we get in good, paid rehabs, would be immensely helpful to any human being. This irony is not lost on Zack Snyder or the cast of Sucker Punch, the film doesn’t degrade women or explicitly claim to be "empowering" them but, along with a recent spate of movies that acknowledge feminism’s third wave (Black Swan, the remake of True Grit, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), it shines a light on a dark aspect of the human condition and is clearly one of the most original and challenging movies in recent memory; Babydoll will, in no doubt, eventually emerge as a cult figure in cinema history.  
I was absolutely, 100% convinced I was never going to have sex, now going into my 30’s - except for the one, horrible time, which solidified my belief that women were only looking for well-built, well-hung, brainless men. I also had money at this time, so that helped. I didn’t quite have the incel mindset at that time, because I rationalized I had a girlfriend, and maybe she was waiting til we got married. And since you were so young when you got together, I wouldn’t expect either of you to have a clear idea of what you like or who you even are. Okay, so for the next 5 years, I mostly worked, and played video games, and got angry. The appalling thing about this attempt to censor Sucker Punch is the outright hypocrisy of it all, as if this film is the only current example of female exploitation and objectification, as if it isn’t apparent in every music video shown throughout the day on MTV, as if it’s not omnipresent in every reality TV show, not to mention that only recently we’ve seen the return of Burlesque as an acceptable form of mainstream entertainment. Having sex on the bare earth may sound raw and sensual, but the reality of the matter is that leaves and dirt are not natural lubricants, so whip out a sleeping bag or picnic blanket to keep things comfy.  
Here’s where started to mess things up. I’m married now, and I have been drawn in the last few years into conservative thought, proud boys type things and found some solace in them. She also refused to sleep over at my place for the whole 5.5 years despite me asking, except when I took her on trips. They did all the cognitive behavioral stuff, put me on meds which helped and also took away my libido, I took a vow not to mastubate or watch porn (I didn’t tell them this), and followed therapy while maintaining a hateful - and honestly quite dangerous - inside. The took it, and still wanted to see me. I still hold some of my weird thoughts. I use to be religious, and I prayed one last time to god and said I reject him for betraying me, forever, and I’m joining the other side. She loved me, I think, and we dated for another 5 years; but strangely she didn’t have sex with me for 5.5 years after that. This destroyed me, in short. Failure || Short || Imp || Viagra || Impo. Quickies may sound like the type of thing men would be into and women would merely tolerate.


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