Sydneysiders Brace ...
Sydneysiders Brace For Another MONTH In Lockdown
Sydneysiders Brace For Another MONTH In Lockdown
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Gladys Berejiklian (pictured) is set to announce a four-week-long extension to lockdown A faint hope that Sydney would emerge from its  lockdown as scheduled on Friday has been dashed with a worrying list of exposure sites showing the virus has spread all over the city and beyond.Millions of Sydneysiders are now preparing for at least another four weeks in with an announcement set to be made by Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Wednesday. Health officials reportedly made the decision in crunch crisis talks on Tuesday, after a record 172 new cases were announced.  Health flagged a further 49 venues in a late-night public health alert on Tuesday, including 13 supermarkets.While the west and southwestern suburbs remains the epicentre of the highly contagious Indian Delta outbreak, the focus is now shifting to new areas that had so far been largely unaffected.There were over a dozen exposure sites listed on the Northern Beaches, three on the North Shore, six in the Inner West and two in Sydney's Sutherland Shire.The new venues of concern were announced amid concerns the state's 'gold standard' contact tracers are struggling to cope with the Delta strain.As of Monday 14,000 close contacts were in isolation, double the number from three weeks earlier, with 7,500 of those linked to two sites.A potential superspreader event at Belrose Woolworths on the Northern Beaches has put 5,000 shoppers in isolation, while 2,495 close contacts so far have been linked to the Campsie Centre shopping mall in the city's south-west. Sydneysiders (pictured on Tuesday) will now face another four weeks in lockdown - the longest extension so far in the outbreak which shows how concerned health officials are about the spread of the virus - particularly in busy supermarkets Coles in Fairfield West (pictured) is just one of 13 supermarkets listed as coronavirus exposure sites on Tuesday night, as Sydney prepares for a four-week lockdown extension Narrabeen Bunnings (pictured) on Sydney's Northern Beaches has been flagged as a Covid exposure site with infections slowly creeping their way out of the city's south-west epicentre Gordon McDonalds on Sydney's Lower North Shore (pictured) was also issued a public health alert for Covid on Tuesday night in a bumper list of 49 new venues  
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